Crown Pipeline Ltd. specializes in underground utility installations. We offer natural gas, conduit, fiber optics, electrical, directional boring, and hydro-vac services. 


Directional drilling is a process of installing underground services without trenching. It is an efficient and professional method widely used in many developed and developing countries. It has been proven to be faster, more cost effective, and less disruptive to surface activities.


Hydro-vacuuming is a process used to excavate soil. Modern day hydro excavation trucks feature a high-pressure jet and a powerful vacuum. These trucks are safer than mechanical excavation units for digging around services and complete the job quicker than traditional land digging. Hydro-vac trucks are minimally invasive and don’t damage surrounding soil when they’re at work. They can dig deep holes with small diameters, so they’re ideal for digging narrow trenches.

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Ploughing is used to install underground conduit and gas lines. Compared to traditional trenching methods, ploughing is cleaner, faster, and generally more efficient We use this method to install anywhere from 1 1/4" to 6" pipe at a depth of 2' to 8'.  

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There are seven main steps to build a transmission line and it takes many tradespeople to meet the challenge. At each step, Crown Pipeline adopts strict safety, project quality and environmental protection practices. For example, it is environmentally sound to build in winter since construction on frozen ground considerably reduces certain impacts..

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